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We offer only the highest-quality sod products to our customers.

The following is a list of the different varieties of sod available;


The most perfect and pleasing landscape scene contains grass, trees, and water, and of course sky.

Sod can be used for immediate turf installation and avoid waiting for seed germination and seedling growth. Sprigs and plugs eventually produce a turf cover but require more time.

Sod can be used to immediately stop wind and water soil erosion. Sod is very useful to reduce tracking soil into homes, businesses, schools and pools.

Sod can be installed almost anytime throughout the year. Dormant sodding of warm-season grasses has been practiced for several years. Both cool-season and warm-season turf grass sod is available.

We can install a green turf during the cool months for an immediate green lawn. This is especially useful for new home and business construction completed during fall and winter months. Experience has shown a new house with a green lawn during the winter months will sell quicker than a similar house with a dormant lawn.











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